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My sarcastic slew

Not actually French, by the way, just a gal from Southern England.
I'm never quite sure what to write in Bios like these but music is usually a good starter. I'm into emo, trip-hop, ambient, electronica, glam rock, hardcore and 80's pop along with the very very very occasional current pop song.

I love film but can never think of the titles of them when I need to. Favourite actors: Kevin Spacey, Alan Rickman, Jason Isaacs, Richard E Grant, Gary Oldman (oh the joy of him in Leon)... can't think of any others at this moment.

I read far too many books; I'm sure one day I'll go cross-eyed.

I also write fanfiction, most of it is on ennedepaix_fics
Feel free to peruse it if Harry/Draco explicit slash doesn't offend.

As for a friending policy... I'm easy. That sounded bad. What I mean is, go ahead! I doubt there's much you could do to make me not friend you back. Obviously if we had at least one mutual friend or interest, it would be handy but in all honesty, don't care that much. So, feel free to friend!

That's all for now, folks!
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